Personalized School Uniform & Spiritwear Embroidery in Fort Collins, CO

Personalized School Spiritwear And Uniforms in Fort Collins, CO
Mascot Embroidery and Spiritwear at Sport About

School Spiritwear And Uniforms

We work with no market more rewarding than the local elementary, middle and high schools. And our work with them varies greatly from school to school. Every school has its own needs and approach so we try to be flexible and nimble in finding what works best for each school.

Some schools need staff jackets and polos embroidered with their school mascot. Other schools want to stock up on t-shirts and hoodies that sport the school mascot in order to sell them to the students and staff. One elementary school holds a school spirit art contest every year and has t-shirts made up for all the students that sport the 3 winning entries. Some of our finest work can be found on the parents and students of one of the high schools for which we make beautiful high-quality twill hoodies and jackets. These items are sold by the Parent Athletic Association to raise money for the sport programs and under-privileged athletes.

School Web Store

School web stores are very popular because they are an efficient way for teachers and families to order spirit wear without a staff member or parent handling all the money and orders.  The best way to set up a school webstore is to have a representative from the school call or email us to get started.  Together some decisions will be made, such as which garments to offer and which designs to use on them.  Once the orders have been placed and the store closed, it will take 2-3 weeks for the items to be brought in, decorated and compiled into orders.  All that is left after that is to hand them out at school and see excited students and staff wearing them the next day.

There are some restrictions around webstores but if you think it might be the thing for your school, please call us so that we can get it started.  

A Few of The Many Local Schools We Work With

Colorado State University – Rocky Mountain High School – Fort Collins High School – Poudre High School – Fossil Ridge High School – Lesher MIddle School – Cache La Poudre Middle School – O’Dea Elementary  – Kruse Elementary – Laurel Elementary

Manufacturing & Trade Uniforms

Our industrial uniform lineup includes brands you can trust that are proven to perform, such as Dickies or Red Kap. Your safety is our priority, which is why we offer the most trusted name in fire-resistant uniforms, Bulwark.

Whether you are looking for breathability, strong & lightweight, or moisture-wicking technology, our uniform specialists will help you choose the proper uniform for the job.

Our #1 goal is to keep your team safe and confident day in and day out.

Inspire Cnfidence In Your Appearance

We are providing clean and professional uniforms instill confidence and professionalism to the workforce. Crown uniform rentals are designed to fit the needs of your business and your budget while making sure your employees are confident and comfortable in uniform styles they are proud to wear. we understand that not all commercial uniform services are alike. For instance, we know the hospitals we work with need lab coats and scrubs cleaned to the highest standards and pressed in order to treat patients with confidence. We also understand which manufacturing companies might need fire-resistant uniforms and which don’t.

Life Science / Research Lab Uniforms

Choosing a uniform program for life sciences must include functional garments that are specific towards exceeding the standards needed within the Lifesciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and research industries.

We design easy-to-implement programs for labs including personal protection or flame-resistant technology. Choose from a wide selection of uniforms from Bulwark, Fashion Seal Healthcare, and Medline.