Custom Apparel Digital Printing in Fort Collins, CO

Why You Should Consider Sport About Digital Printing

Digital printing is a great option for print art with many colors, or even single-color jobs with small print quantities. Digital printing is much quicker to set up than screen printing, so it is a cost-effective option for all jobs under 70 pcs.  We often print digitally on jobs up to 500 pcs when color counts are high.

Advantages of Digital Printing:

  • Higher print resolution, which results in sharper image quality vs screen printing.
  • The ability to print infinite colors at an affordable price.
  • The ability to print photographs and artwork with complex color fades.
  • Quick setup keeps costs lower on small quantity print runs.
  • Proven durability and wash resistance. 
  • Maximum print dimensions for digital printing are larger than the maximum print dimensions for screen printing.

Disadvantages of Digital Printing:

  • Costs are higher on high volume low color count print jobs vs screen printing. 
  • Cost increases with image size. 
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We Love Digital Printing

Much of the amazing art that we see lately looks better with digital printing. We evaluate every job based on the complexity of the art, and what will be the most cost effective. Any job can be digitally printed. Screen printing should be chosen only when it is more cost effective, and the art is not so complex as to require digital printing. The good news is that we offer both processes, so we can always choose the best method for printing your job. We have been digital printing for years and have kept up with the constantly improving technology. Let us show you the amazing difference that digital printing provides.