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Perfect Fraternity And Sororities Shirts

Apparel Decorating, doing business as Metro Greek, offers a complete collection of Fraternity shirts and Sorority shirts for all your events and socials. Apparel Decoratings custom greek shirts for more than 50 national fraternities and sororities. Let our amazing art design team help you bring your big idea to life or browse through our collection of online designs. All designs are customizable and designed to make your t-shirt chair look like a superhero. For truly amazing art and customer service, you can count on

Custom Apparel and Paddles at Sport About

Embrace Greek Life in Northern Colorado and Wyoming: Custom Apparel and Paddles at Sport About

The Greek life in Northern Colorado and Wyoming is alive and strong. Colorado State University in Fort Collins, University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, University of Colorado in Boulder, Denver University in Denver and Wyoming University in Laramie all have many chapters of traditional, as well as non-traditional and multi-cultural sororities and fraternities. Sport About offers Greek-lettered t-shirts and hoodies using fun fabrics and a variety of colored twill, printed t-shirts for the many events and fund-raisers, and elaborately embroidered custom jackets. Stop in anytime to order your letters or make an appointment if you are coming from out of town.

Sport About also has a room devoted to wooden products needed by Greek members to make and decorate paddles. We have 7 different styles of paddles to choose from as well as wooden letters and symbols of all sizes for decorating the paddles. Stop in anytime to shop our wood room.

Custom Apparel and Paddles at Sport About

Fraternity and Sorority Life Apparel

Fraternities and sororities everywhere are constantly ordering new apparel. That being said, this presents a multitude of opportunities for the screen printing industry. There are so many different opportunities when it comes to marketing to this group because there is always a need for apparel and accessories. Being in a sorority myself, I can tell you first hand that we seem to be constantly placing orders for shirts.This may seem excessive, but there are a great deal of events that require shirts for marketing and branding purposes.

Explore Paddles and Custom Wood Products at Sport About

Paddles and Other Wood Products

Paddles decorated with names and dates and symbols are an old and important part of the Greek life tradition.  Blank wooden paddles come in many shapes and sizes. Members paint and decorate them so that they are representative of their organization and specific to the person they are giving them to.  They turn out beautifully and are meant to be life-long memorabilia from this time in their lives.  

To this end we offer many options for paddles, letters, and fraternity/sorority crests.  If you are looking for these products, come to Sport About and shop our wood room!

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