Personalized Business Apparel Solutions in Fort Collins, CO

Building Customer Trust with Professional Business Apparel

The importance of branding a business cannot be over-stated.  And once a business has an attractive and memorable logo, the next step is to make sure that staff is wearing that logo to instill brand familiarity with customers and potential customers.  This is especially important in the home-service industries where a representative of that business is going into the home of the customer to work on the plumbing, electricity or other aspect of the home.  A customer is going to feel much more comfortable when the service technician arrives at their home wearing a nice clean polo or t-shirt or hat and jacket with the company’s name and logo predominantly displayed.  If that service person is wearing their own name on their garment it’s even better. 

This is also important in stores when the customer needs help making a purchase, navigating the layout of the store, or ordering a beer.  They need to know who actually works there and can help them.  This is what professional businesses do to make sure their customers are comfortable, have trust in them and have a good experience with their business.

Custom Apparel For Business in Fort Collins, CO


The term “merch” might not be in the dictionary yet, but everyone knows that it means.  In business, merch is a set of wearables that have the business logo and is meant to be worn by the customer as a sign of loyalty to that company.  This is especially common for bars, restaurants, and craft beers but has also become a source of income and advertising for other businesses.  If you think that your business has a fan base that would be interested in purchasing a t-shirt branded with your logo, please reach out to us and we can chat about the possibilities.

Business Web Store

We do webstores for a number of businesses well-suited to that type of apparel-ordering.  A business with a large sales staff is one example.   The salespeople for this particular business live and work all around the country and need to look professional for the high-end whiskey they sell to restaurants, bars and liquor stores.  These staff members can go to their webstore and pick from a variety of nice jackets, polos and vests to be shipped directly to them wherever they live.  It is extremely convenient for the staff as well as the company.  Another example is that of a business that has a large staff of office personnel, technicians and salespeople.  They each need to look professional in their branded clothing and need access to a variety of different items.  Webstores do have some limitations but if you think this would work well for you, please call to chat about the possibilities.

Apparel for Businesses

Sport About is committed to working with small businesses that may be comprised of only a couple people or even one person.  A handy-man, a coffee roaster, a kombucha brewer, and a dog-walker are all businesses of a single person that we work with.  Small companies like this often need only a couple shirts or a hat and a jacket.  Small quantities like this are more expensive per piece, but we are more than happy to accommodate these orders. 

We also have the capacity of working with very big companies.  UCHealth and CSU are some of the larger entities that we enjoy doing business with.  

So if you have a business, big or small, new or well-established and are looking for nicely branded items to wear and sell, please give us a call and we will help you decide exactly what will work best for you.