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Transparent t-shirts are printed using heat transfer printing (also known as digital transfer printing). They utilise transfers, which are sheets of transfer material laid on top of the t-shirt, and heat is pressed to apply patterns or pictures to the t-shirt.

A variety of approaches may be used to start a T-shirt printing business. What criteria will you use to choose the best?

individual letters and graphics are carved out of coloured vinyl using a machine. After that, the image is sewn together on the marketing item and heated to transfer it to the product. This method may be used effectively to print multi-coloured graphics or athletic clothing.

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Most often used when there is a combination of many colors in the design which would drive the screen price up on tshirts and hoodies.Price is driven by what garment is used, the size of the transfer and how many garments are ordered.Minimum is 7 and price breaks are similar to screen printing.

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While both technologies provide ways to transfer a design onto a t-shirt or other product, screen printing and heat transfers are superior for various reasons

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Most online T-shirt design companies offer free shipping. But the catch is that they'll usually incorporate that shipping price into the cost of the shirt.

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