Custom Apparel Process Options

Whether you are planning an event, running a business or coaching a team, you and the members of your group probably need to wear branded clothing. Whether it’s embroidered polos, jackets and hats; or screen printed t-shirts to commemorate your special event or a specialized one-of-a-kind twill design on the back of your sorority or fraternity jacket, Sport About wants to make the process easy and fun!

Custom Apparel - Embroidery


  • Although it’s most often used for business wear and on heavier nicer garments, there are few restrictions to how embroidery can be implemented. This is one of our most versatile processes and we use it almost exclusively on hats. It can also be used to customize a gift such as a name on a towel, a bride’s robe, or a backpack.
  • Price of embroidery is mostly driven by the stitch count of the design and the quantity. And of course the garment that is chosen to embroider.
  • There are no minimums and the cut-offs vary.
  • The artwork needed for a logo or another specialty design is a good digital copy, although we can usually work with what you have.
  • Turn-around time depends on how much time is needed to spend on the art, and how many pieces are needed to be embroidered. We usually turn embroidery jobs in 3-10 days.
Custom Apparel - Screen Printing

Screen Printing

  • Screen printing is used on both large or small t-shirt and sweatshirt orders, for events and spirit wear and casual work uniforms.
  • The price is driven by what garment is chosen, how many locations are printed, how many colors in each location, and how many garments are ordered. The cut-offs for screen printing is 7, 12, 24, 48, 84, 144, 250, 500 and on up.
  • Artwork needed: Preferable a vectorized EPS or AI file is available, although we can usually do the vectorizing here at the shop if it’s a high-resolution PDF.
Custom Apparel - Twill


  • This is used along with embroidery to decorate full jacket-backs, high school and collegiate fan gear, and sorority and fraternity billboards and jackets. One-of-a-kind items are common with this process.
  • Price is driven by what garment we put it on, the difficulty of the design, the stitch count and how many are ordered.
  • Artwork needed: These items are often designed right in the store with paper and pencil, but if there is specialized art involved, we prefer a vectorized EPS or a high-resolution PDF.
  • No minimum and price breaks vary.
Custom Apparel - Thermal Press

Thermal Press

  • Most often used on sprit wear and athletic uniforms to personalize with names and numbers.
  • No minimums and price breaks vary.
  • Art work is not usually needed but if it is a specialized design we prefer and good PDF or vectorized EPS or AI.
Custom Apparel - Digital Transfer

Digital Transfers

  • Most often used when there is a combination of many colors in the design which would drive the screen price up on tshirts and hoodies.
  • Price is driven by what garment is used, the size of the transfer and how many garments are ordered.
  • Minimum is 7 and price breaks are similar to screen printing.